How can you get involved with the Alberta NEAHR?

The Alberta NEAHR conducts ‘responsive research.' This means that the health research issues are identified by community and that community is an active partner in the design, development, collection of data and analysis of the research. Every community is unique and this means that every community's research needs are unique. We are available to talk about your research needs and figure out together where to access the resources to help communities move their health research needs forward.


  • How do we make a research question?
  • Could you help us analyze this data?
  • Could you please provide feedback on our research proposal?
  • We know what our needs are but we just need some help to accomplish them.
  • We need some support to help train other communities about this kind of research.
  • We want a midwifery service in our community.

In response to these questions and concerns we work with the communities to seek funding, develop research proposals, create links with experts in the given area, develop a research question, and interested students to help communities through the research process, and to access literature that may be unavailable through normal community channels.